Kiez Burn 2024 Early Entry

Hello Builders, Dreamers, and Kiezis,

Planning to be part of Build or to stay for Strike? Please read this before applying! Everyone who thinks they will be on site before/after the burn must register for insurance reasons.

📅 Important Dates:
Application Deadline: Tuesday, June 4, 2024, at 23:59h
Build: June 14-19, 2024
Strike: June 23-26, 2024

🔑To access the site during Build or Strike, you must have:
- A legit reason to be there
- An Early Access/Strike confirmation ticket: Have it printed or downloaded on your phone
- A valid Kiez Burn event ticket
- A government-issued ID
- Health insurance valid in Germany

Access is granted only to people actively involved in build or strike. Access is not granted to party, there is no party during build. I repeat, there is no party during build! Valid reasons to be on site:
- General Build/Strike shifts
- (De)Constructing your Dream project
- Building your Kiez (each camp can register up to half of its total members, with a maximum limit of 10 people - sort this out amongst your kiez before you apply!! Nieve will reject every excess application)

📝 The process:
You must use this form to register for Build/Strike, your application will be manually reviewed. Use the same email address as your Kiez Burn 2024 ticket purchase for verification. Ensure the name on your application matches the one on your ID.

If approved, check in when you arrive for build with Nieve at Harlot Haus to receive your wristband. She may wander around chasing hippies to check them in. Keep your Early Access ticket, ID, and Kiez Burn ticket handy, printed or downloaded to cope with potential poor internet and limited power on site.

We are serious about this - if you aren't registered you will be asked to leave the site until the event starts.

🏕️Conditions During Build/Strike:
Expect minimal infrastructure. Bring essentials like food, water, and power supplies. Note that amenities are scarce, including toilets.
To avoid any legal issues and ensure we meet local regulations, no sound systems are allowed during the Build phase. Should I say it again? No party during build!

- If you meet the requirements, submit your registration by June 4.
- Upon approval, you’ll receive your entry ticket.
- Check-in with Nieve at Harlot Haus and get your Build wristband.
- Build some stuff!
- When the event starts and the Gate opens, please go there to change your Build wristband for a fancier Event wristband.

The booking period for this event is over.

When does the event happen?
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