Kiez Burn 2023 Early Arrival

-- We already reached our ticket quota for Build & the deadline is due --
Given that some build shifts are still not filled,
and/or in case you are approved as a General Build realizer or volunteer, or need to be there to set up your Dream, or are a key builder of your Kiez and thought deadlines are not your thing and they don't bring extra work to anybody:

I'll extend the deadline to WEDNESDAY 2nd AUG 18:00 (Berlin time)
--> Please, note that there's a limit on the number of people allowed on site, so approving all requests is not guaranteed!

After that, I understand things happen, cats eat phones, houses set on fire, the internet is against us, etc, but I'll be closing this topic, because I also have a life and need to prepare my own shit for the Burn :) Thank you for the understanding.

So how now?

  • Please! READ THIS TEXT below! It contains important information.
  • Send an email saying what your role/job/shift/? is to the address you'll find down here within the text. If you are part of a Kiez, which already reached 10 ppl (unless already prearranged) further early entry tickets cannot be arranged.

Thank you!

Hi! Planing on coming for Build or staying for Strike? Great, thank you! You're awesome!

⚠️ DEADLINE FOR ALL REQUESTS IS: Thursday, July 27th, 2023 23:59h

Hey Kiezis, Builders, Dreamers,

As every year, we need to collect your Early Entry (Build) and Strike requests for insurance reasons. You can only come on site during Build with this Early Access/Strike confirmation ticket. You still need your Kiez Burn ticket. And your valid ID.
---> "Insurance reasons" don't exclude you having a health insurance cover!

You are only allowed on site if you have actually something to do. Not just for party. There's no party during build. Seriously.
This "something to do" is:
- if you sing up for a General Build shift
- if you are building your Dream
- if you come to build your Kiez
---> Per Kiez you are allowed to have up to 10 people for build. Please! Organize within your
Kiez first before you submit your request :)
---> If your Kiez is particularly big and need more than 10 people, please contact:
- if you plan to stay for Strike

You must use this form to register for Build/Strike and you will get "checked in" on-site. We are serious about this. There will be a list of approved people on-site, and Cris will be checking in and giving wristbands to approved people. Thanks for your understanding <3
Did we say that we are serious about this? Yes, people have been requested to leave site in the past, and come back when the event had officially started.

---> When you arrive on site, please, look for Cris for check in and getting your wristband. She may be walking around chasing you, but most likely you'll find her at tHe sWamp (by the lake)
---> Please, have this ticket, your ID and the KiezBurn ticket ready for the check in. Ideally printed, or make sure you downloaded it before hand and have enough battery in your phone (remember that internet on site is unreliable and there won't be power)

⚠️ Please, use the same email address / account that you used to purchase your Kiez Burn 2023 ticket so this can be verified.

⚠️ PLEASE, APPLY WITH YOUR NAME AS ISSUED ON YOUR ID (I know this may suck for some, I'm sorry about that :/

⚠️ During Build, there will be very little infrastructure setup and ready to go. Please be self-reliant and bring everything you need, e.g. food, water, power, etc. (unless you're part of the KB central org build team and your name is on the volunteer sheet for Build, then some of these things will be organized by other Build volunteers) Toilets will be also scarce, if any at all, so please keep this in mind.

⚠️ Because we don't want to have the police cancel our Event before it evens starts, there's NO SOUND policy during Build.

All requests must be manually approved, after answering some questions. These questions are meant to check if the person understands the constraints of coming to Build, e.g. limited water, limited toilets, limited/no power, no food or kitchen unless you're on the build volunteer sheet, etc. We love bullshit and absurdity, so there's some of it in here, but don't expect you'll be able to get power or food just because there are jokes in the questionnaire.

In short:
1- read and answer the questions
2- when your request is verified, you'll receive your ticket
3- come to build with your tickets (early entry & event) and valid ID
4- get checked by Cris likely at The sWamP. Get your Build wristband
5- build your things with grace and flair 💃
6- when the event starts and the Gate opens, please go there to change your Build wristband for a fancier Event wristband.

DEADLINE FOR ALL REQUESTS IS: Thursday, July 27th, 2023 23:59h

- Build: Sat 5.8.23 - Wed 9.8.23 10:00am
- Event: Wed 9.8.23 10:00 am - Sun 13.8.23 afternoon
- Strike: Sun 13.8.23 afternoon - Wed 16.8.23 (Gnral Strike shifts start on Monday)

The booking period for this event is over.

When does the event happen?
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Early Arrival Pass

Early Arrival Pass

Apply for early arrival here. Requires approval.

A valid Kiez Burn ticket is required!


Late Departue (Strike) Pass

Late Departue (Strike) Pass

Apply for staying late for strike. Requires approval.
A valid Kiez Burn ticket is required!