Hey Kiezis, Builder, Dreamers,

As every year, we need to collect your early entry requests for insurance reasons. You can only come on site during build with this early access confirmation ticket.

Per Kiez you are allowed to have up to 10 people for build. Please! Organize within your Kiez first before you submit your request :)

You must use this form to register for build and you will get "checked in" on-site. We are serious about this. There will be a list of approved people on-site, and people will be checking and giving wristbands to approved people. Thanks for your understanding <3

You must use the same email address / account that you used to purchase your Kiez Burn 2022 ticket so this can be verified.

Please test yourself for covid before arriving, and continue to test daily each day. You must also test on Wednesday morning before the event begins at 12:00h.

During build, there will be very little infrastructure setup and ready to go. Please be self-reliant and bring everything you need, e.g. food, water, power, etc. (unless you're part of the KB central org build team and your name is on the volunteer sheet for build, then some of these things will be organized by other build volunteers)

All requests must be manually approved. If the requester does not answer the questions properly, they will be denied. I'm not going to waste a lot of time judging the answers, they're either right or wrong. They are questions meant to check if the person understands the constraints of coming to build, e.g. limited water, limited toilets, limited/no power, no food or kitchen unless you're on the build volunteer sheet, self-reliant covid testing, etc. For each question, there are 2 absurd answers and one correct answer. It's important that everyone understands this is not a joke... I'm not wasting my time with people playing around or not taking it seriously.

DEADLINE FOR ALL REQUESTS IS: Wednesday, July 6, 2022 23:59h

The booking period for this event is over.

When does the event happen?
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Early Arrival Pass

Early Arrival Pass

Apply for early arrival here. Requires approval. A valid Kiez Burn ticket is also required!


Late Departue (Strike) Pass

Late Departue (Strike) Pass

Apply for staying late for strike. Requires approval. A valid Kiez Burn ticket is also required!