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Frequently Asked Questions

How do tickets work in 2024?

The main sale is first come, first served, starting at 1st of April 2024.

Before then, we sell replicating directed tickets.

How can I get more involved in Kiez Burn?

Kiez Burn is organised on a couple of different websites, see https://portal.kiezburn.org/ for the comprehensive list.

What are replicating directed tickets?

It's a game of telephone, but with ticket invitations.

Are there low-income tickets?

Yes, there are low-income tickets, and they stay priced at €50. 

What is the cost of a ticket?


What does my ticket price cover?

Your ticket includes entrance to the event, your insurance on-site, and toilet paper. The rest is up to you.

The price of a ticket funds art grants, site rental, and other infrastructure. Some of our vendors (e.g., toilets) get paid, but Kiez Burn e.V. is all run on a volunteer basis.


How can I pay for my ticket?

Our preferred payment method is bank transfer, and it saves us some money in processing fees. It's preferred if you're in the European SEPA area, but use card payment if your bank wants to charge you for transfers.

You can also pay by any debit or credit card supported by Stripe.

Can I give my ticket to a friend?

You can give away or sell your ticket to at face value up until one month before the event.

The name on the ticket must match your valid photo ID. You will be turned away otherwise!

Bad faith behavior and attempts at gaming the system will be actioned and can have consequences for this event or any later events. That includes, for example, buying several tickets with the intention of passing them on later.

Can I refund my order?

Only in very very special cases do we issue refunds.

Can I buy tickets at the gate?

Absolutely not.

We don't sell tickets at the gate.

If you do not have a ticket or have a ticket that does not match your ID, you will be turned away at the gate. Please don't do it, as it will make our gate volunteers very sad. 


How many tickets can I buy?

One! Each ticket must correspond to an actual attendee, so you'll need their name and contact details as you buy it.

My question isn't answered / I need help!

Please email tickets at kiezburn dot org. Remember to include your name and your order number if you have it.