Frequently Asked Questions

How do tickets work in 2022?

We had a first-come, first-served approach again this year. Next year we'll make something better, pinky swear.

How do I get a ticket?

Kiez Burn 2022 is sold out. If you wish to come, you will need to join the waiting list. There's also a small batch of tickets reserved for essential people engaged in the community who are coming to help realize necessary infrastructure, art projects, or Kieze.

Are there low-income tickets?

Yes, they are low-income tickets, and they stay priced at 40 € even when we increased the regular price. 

As we're now sold out, applications are closed.

What is the cost of a ticket?


What does my ticket price cover?

Your ticket includes entrance to the event, your insurance on-site, and toilet paper. Everything else is up to you and the other participants.

The price of a ticket funds art grants and other infrastructure. Some of our vendors (e.g., toilets) get paid, but Kiez Burn e.V. is a volunteer association that does not pay its members.


How can I pay for my ticket?

Our preferred payment method is bank transfer, and it saves us some money in processing fees.

You can also pay by any debit or credit card supported by Stripe. If you're not within SEPA and your bank tries to charge you for bank transfers, please use this option.

Can I give my ticket to a friend?

Your ticket is personal and non-transferrable. We will check your ID with what's registered when you bought it. 

We allow you to refund the ticket, and we'll resell it through the waiting list system. 

This rule helps prevent people from running scams and the inevitable hurt that causes. Please get in touch and send us screenshots or other documentation if you see tickets for sale. You can be confident that the ticket is fake.

Can I refund only part of my order?

Yes, please email with the order number and which part of the order you'd like to cancel.

But my friend is desperate; they're really needed for the Kiez!

If we'd be willing to make an exception to allow transfers, we'd probably be able to direct them tickets. If you believe that's the case, get in touch through the area lead.

Where's my refund?

Refunding ends a few weeks before the event.

Your refund is sent through your original payment method. In the case of card payments, it is refunded automatically to your card. It is usually credited to your account within a few weeks.

We send the money bank to the originating IBAN account for bank transfers. This is a manual process for us, so we might batch up a few orders before logging in to the bank.

Please wait a few weeks before getting in touch. Please remember to include your order number.


What are the COVID and health measures?

We're still working with the region. As the rules and conditions change rapidly, we probably will not know until close to the event.

What we do know is that your entry and continued participation are conditioned on you following whatever those rules end up being. 

If we end up as a 2G event, and you are not vaccinated and do not have a valid exemption, we will be happy to refund your ticket.

Can I buy tickets at the gate?

Absolutely not. We don't sell tickets at the gate.

If you do not have a ticket or have a ticket that does not match your ID, you will be turned away at the gate. Please don't do it, as it will make our gate volunteers very sad. 


How many tickets can I buy?

One order can include several tickets. Each ticket must correspond to an actual attendee, so you'll need their name and contact details as you buy it. If you buy several tickets with the same name, you cannot transfer them later. If you show up with five tickets with your own name, we might put five wristbands on you.

My question isn't answered / I need help!

Please email tickets at kiezburn dot org. Remember to include your name and your order number if you have it.